Moon Knight Joining The Avengers In The MCU Films?

Disney Plus is moving full steam ahead with their upcoming streaming series. Unlike the Netflix shows, these new series will have direct affects on the MCU films and will see the characters integrated into the films. One such character, Moon Knight. A character that Marvel Studios is rumored to have much bigger plans for than anyone anticipated…

***RUMOR HUT… #MikeySuttom unloaded another scoop this time about #MoonKnight ! MCU SCOOP – May 26, 2020: He is insane.

Often compared to Batman, Moon Knight is no man in black; rather, he is a menacing figure in silver, a ghostly cloaked hero who also stalks the midnight hours. Haunted by a multiple personality disorder, Moon Knight deals with psychological baggage more complex than the Dark Knight’s.

Moon Knight has also had a challenging live-action history. He was planned to appear in the short-lived Blade TV series in 2006 before it was cancelled and Season Two of Iron Fist, replaced by Typhoid Mary.

As the Avengers evolve with more cosmic members such as Captain Marvel and soon Nova, Kevin Feige is seeking balance with some more grounded superheroes, especially with Captain America no longer present. Moon Knight delivers streetwise grit to Earth’s Mightiest Heroes with a bit of Doctor Strange weirdness as well. There has even been talk of a West Coast Avengers, too.

According to my inside sources, Moon Knight is recruited into the Avengers not simply for his extraordinary abilities and fighting skills, which will be in full display on his Disney+ series. The Avengers seek his knowledge of the Pharoah Rama-Tut from Egyptian history. He would later become Kang the Conqueror.

Moon Knight will be unlike any previous Avengers member. He is a darker, unpredictable character, an anti-hero of sorts. He won’t get along with everyone; in fact, I am told in the beginning even Luke Cage will have a difficult time bringing him down.

Luke Cage?

Stay tuned.

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