New Single from Moxi, “Hush” is a Raw Journey Through Mental Health & Human Experience

A new track from the band Moxi titled “Hush” and it is a musical journey through the human experience of mental health. Check out the track below:

Moxi is a husband/wife indie pop duo from Los Angeles featuring the dreamy, introspective vocals of Anna Toy overlaid on the cinematic musical landscape crafted by Andy Toy.

Drawing on elements of modern pop and 80’s cinema, Moxi sets Anna’s distinct vocals against a backdrop of dark textures, moody guitar sonics and memorable dream-pop melodies. 

Moxi’s latest single “Hush”, is an abstract and emotional exploration of the feeling of pain. Hush’s minimalist production highlights Anna’s vocoded lyrics pondering mental health and the collective human experience, instantly drawing you in through a dreamy, emotive vortex of sound. Produced and co-written with longtime collaborator and Emmy-award winner Bobby Hartry, and mixed by Radiohead & U2 collaborator Bryan Cook, “Hush” is currently available worldwide.

This is one band you are going to want to keep an eye on!

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