Ryan Gosling Set To Star In Universal’s “Wolfman”

Months after finding great success with ‘The Invisible Man’, Universal is moving forward with ‘Wolfman’ with Ryan Gosling set to star as the classic movie monster. Reportedly, Universal executives have brought in Gosling to lead the monster movie, and the search for a director is also under way. Multiple names are said to be considered with no clear frontrunner at this time, but ‘Bad Education’ helmer Cory Finley’s name is reportedly in the mix. With a star already in place, the project seems to be on the fast track, so a situation regarding the director is likely to be made soon. Universal has declined to comment on the reports as of this writing.

Wolfman was always a tragic story. Like the Hulk from the Marvel Films, the Wolfman didn’t want to be a monster. He did everything to rid himself of the curse until he couldn’t fight back his animalistic urges any longer. It will be interesting to see what route Universal takes to tell a modern day Wolfman story.

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