Honest Trailers Gets Blown Away With “Twister”

Before the Summer was blown up by asteroids, monsters, superheroes, and aliens…it was blown away by wind. Honest Trailers reviews “Twister.”

Twister is a 1996 American disaster film directed by Jan de Bont from a screenplay by Michael Crichton and Anne-Marie Martin. Its executive producers were Steven SpielbergWalter ParkesLaurie MacDonald and Gerald R. Molen. The film stars Helen HuntBill PaxtonJami Gertz and Cary Elwes, and depicts a group of storm chasers researching tornadoes during a severe outbreak in Oklahoma.

Twister grossed $495 million worldwide, and became the second-highest-grossing film of 1996; an estimated 54.7 million tickets were sold in the US. The film was met with a mixed critical reception, receiving criticism for its screenplay and praise for its visual effects and sound design. The film received Academy Award nominations for Best Visual Effects and Best Sound, but lost both to Independence Day and The English Patient respectively.

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