HipsterZOMBIEJoint Movie Review: The Wrong Missy

If you didn’t know who Lauren Lapkus was before The Wrong Missy, you certainly will afterwards. The comedic film is directed by Tyler Spindel, with a screenplay by Chris Pappas and Kevin Barnett. It stars David Spade and the aforementioned  Lauren Lapkus, and was released on Netflix.

Disaster strikes when Ted (David Spade) invites his dream girl to an island resort — but a previous blind date shows up instead when he texts the wrong girl by mistake.

Lapkus is hilarious as the crazed and clingy girl who falls head over heels for straight laced Ted who is trying to impress his boss at a company retreat. When Ted meets another girl named Missy he thinks he’s found the perfect woman. When he invites Missy to be his plus one at the company retreat he invites the wrong Missy. The wrong Missy proceeds to be loud, obnoxious, and crude as can be in front of Ted’s boss and co-workers.

For any other actress this film could have been excruciating to watch, but Lapkus has a certain charm and likability with her performance that is instantly engaging.

For awhile Happy Madison has churned out some real unfunny clunkers but this one is a return to form for the golden years of comedy that they haven’t put out since The Water Boy or The Wedding Singer. HipsterZOMBIEJoint Experience recommends grabbing some wine and streaming The Wrong Missy shoeing now exclusively on Netflix.

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