DC Daily Gets Canceled By DC Universe

The dirt keeps pouring over the grave of the DC Universe streaming service. Now the flagship daily talk show, DC Daily, has been the latest program to get canceled.

According to a report from Collider, the streaming service has ended the run of the daily news program that offers fans news and content related to DC Comics and the broader DC Universe community including interviews and in-depth panel discussions about DC films and television shows. According to the report, the show is set to air its final batch of episodes over the next two weeks, potentially giving the series a chance to sign off in a way that closes the chapter.

DC Daily was first announced on August 22, 2018 and debuted on the DC Universe streaming service on September 15, 2018. As of June 1, the series has run 427 episodes. The series is anchored by Tiffany Smith and has featured a wide range of cohosts over its run, including Arrow star John Barrowman, Harley Quinn Smith, writer Sam Humphries, Whitney Moore, Hector Navarro, and more. The report doesn’t indicate a reason for the show’s cancellation, but it’s believed that, of the programming on DC Universe, DC Daily is the least expensive show on the platform to produce.

With the arrival of HBO Max last month, there has been some question as to whether DC Universe will continue as it currently exists with its own original television programming. The streaming service is currently airing the new Stargirl series and a second season of Doom Patrol is set to premiere later this month while the live-action Titans and animated Young Justice have both already been renewed for additional seasons. That said. Stargirl is also being shared with The CW and Doom Patrolwill also debut on HBO Max while HBO Max has plans for its own original live-action DC content, including a Green Lantern series, Strange Adventures, and Justice League Dark. It’s that content situation, among other things, that have led many to wonder if users will see value in having both a DC Universe subscription and an HBO Max subscription.

The simple answer, if people have to choose, they will pick HBO Max. Not only does HBO Max have a ton of content, they also have almost everything DC Universe has (animated films, TV Shows, and films).

It really is only a matter of time before DC Universe merges with HBO Max.

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