“Flash” Actor Is Fired For Racial & Homophobic Tweets

You really got to be careful what you post on social media now days. Not to mention you should probably go back and chart everything you said online from 20 years ago. Because IT WILL come back and bite you on the ass!

Actor Hartley Sawyer has been fired from CW’s The Flash after a host of his tweets containing misogynist and racist references were surfaced in the past week. The tweets, all from before he joined The CW series, make references to sexual assault and contain racist and homophobic language.

Sawyer played Ralph Digby aka The Elongated Man on The Flash and was transitioning from guest appearance role to series regular until these social media posts were revealed.

Among the tweets users surfaced in the past two weeks are one from 2012 in which Sawyer wrote “The only thing keeping me from doing mildly racist tweets is the knowledge that Al Sharpton would never stop complaining about me.” In 2014, he wrote, “Enjoyed a secret boob viewing at an audition today.” Several tweets refer to assaulting women, and one reads, “Date rape myself so I don’t have to masturbate.”

What do you think about Sawyer’s firing? Is it just? Should his younger more immature self be held to the high standards his adult self is meant to be held to? Our Sawyer just another victim of the baby woke brigade? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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