The New Batwoman Is Coming From…Riverdale?!?

When the showrunners for CW’s Batwoman announced series star, Ruby Rose was leaving after only one season, fans were shocked. Then when the showrunners announced that season two wouldn’t just introduce a new Batwoman, but an entirely different person under the cowl, fans were left baffled. The only thing the new original character and the previous Batwoman would have in common is that they are both gay. But beyond that, it was completely an open casting call for the series. Obviously they knew they had to cast someone fit and who could handle the physicality of the role but after that the role could be any female of any race. So naturally, CW looked in house at their already plethora of beautiful people and rumor has it they have plucked one right out of neighboring show, Riverdale.

Actress Vanessa Morgan is being eyed to replace Ruby Rose as the new Batwoman on CW.

The Cinema Spot reports the network is eying Morgan to star as Ryan Wilder, the brand new character that is being created to take up the mantle of Batwoman after Rose’s sudden departure. The site also reports Morgan will do a screen test for the role with the other members of the Batwoman cast.

Morgan recently made the news when she expressed her frustration in regard to black characters being used as “sidekicks” on Riverdale. She added that there is a significant pay gap between herself and her castmates, and that she will not take on any more roles unless they accurately depict black people.


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