CONFIRMED: Star Wars Celebration 2020 Has Been Canceled

Sad news for Star Wars fans Star Wars Celebration that was supposed to take place in Anaheim, CA has been canceled.

There was a slight hope the mega convention would still happen but due to a spike in COVID-19 cases, the con was canceled. The event is offering full refund and promising to return to Anaheim in August of 2022.

Celebration began in 1999 and typically features panels about upcoming Star Warsproducts and events as well as plenty of news and celebrity appearances.

Ticket holders can either transfer their current ticket purchase to the new event dates, receive a refund or receive a credit for Star Wars Celebration merchandise. Fans who transfer their tickets will receive an “exclusive Star Wars Celebration stormtrooper character pin,” so there is that. Hotels booked through the convention’s portal will automatically be canceled. More cancellation details here.

The news is dismaying as it represents event cancelations extending from summer into the fall as coronavirus cases continue to rise. San Diego Comic-Con, which is arguably the nation’s premiere fan event, was already canceled for July (but will have an at-home component in its place).

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