A Couple Disconnect From Social Media During An Alien Invasion In “SAVE YOURSELVES!”

Legion M is proud to join forces with Bleecker Street for the release of the alien sci-fi comedy Save Yourselves! starring Sunita Mani (Mr. Robot, GLOW) and John Reynolds (Stranger Things, Search Party, Horse Girl). The film was chosen based on results from over 120,000 votes on Legion M’s FILM SCOUT platform at Sundance Film Festival.

Read the synopsis for the film below:

“A young Brooklyn couple heads upstate to disconnect from their phones and reconnect with each other. Sheltered from texts and push notifications, they are blissfully unaware when aliens attack the earth. As strange events unfold, the couple must figure out a way back to civilization — or what’s left of it.”

Writer-directors Eleanor Wilson and Alex Fischer have crafted a zany sci-fi comedy as hilarious as it is thrilling, taking a millennial worst-case scenario and lighting it on fire. Save Yourselves! is an ode to an internet-savvy generation that has never known connection without autocorrection.

This is one film the HipsterZOMBIEJoint Experience will be keeping an eye out for!

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