HBO Max’s Hard Knocks To Feature Two Los Angeles NFL Teams

The epicenter of entertainment, Hollywood, won’t be far from this year’s “Hard Knocks” training camps — plural.

The NFL/HBO Max series, Hard Knocks will return for another season with many different storylines, all of which aren’t football related.

Whether it’s the Rams trying to keep up with their division that is getting better and better or the Chargers who are rebuilding with a young Quarterback, these two teams face a lot of adversity. But they will be facing it under the lights of their new shared stadium located in Los Angeles. Sofi Stadium, the next technological marvel of the NFL.

The Rams will be coming off a disappointing campaign after making the Super Bowl the year prior. Quarterback Jared Goff appeared on “Hard Knocks” prior to his rookie season, and his progress will be a focal point — especially in the context of his hefty contract extension signed last September. The split from former star running back Todd Gurley is another potential plot point.

For the Chargers, rookie quarterback and No. 6 overall pick Justin Herbert and veteran Tyrod Taylor will compete for the starting spot after the team parted ways with mainstay Philip Rivers.

Going into its 15th season, “Hard Knocks” plans to shoot more than 2,300 hours of footage. Liev Schreiber is expected to return as narrator. 

But the biggest headline is how the two teams will function under the strict guidelines of the COVID-19 precautions. How do you plan games with new teammates and players when at any moment anyone on your team could become sick? I guess we will have to tune in to find out when Hard Knocks airs on HBO Max August 11th.

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