It’s Time To Get Twisted! A Reboot Of The 1996 Thriller “Twister” Is On The Way

Universal Pictures is working on a modern day take of the 1996 storm chasing thriller, Twister. The new take is in the early stages but Joseph Kosinski, who most recently directed Top Gun: Maverick, is in talks to direct the movie. No writer is currently attached but a search is underway for someone to pen the screenplay.

According to a new report, Frank Marshall will produce the Twister reboot. Plot details remain under wraps for the time being. It is worth noting that it is being described as a reboot and not a remake currently. While the terms are sometimes used interchangeably, a reboot could mean that this will be in some way tied to the original. Though a direct sequel would be challenging, to say the very least. Bill Paxton and Phillip Seymour Hoffman, who both starred in the original, have passed away.

film was directed by Jan De Bont, with Stephen Spielberg producing and Michael Crichton penning the script. It starred the late Bill Paxton and Helen Hunt as tornado chasers trying to outwit a rival tornado chaser team to test a new kind of weather mapping device. A weather mapping device that has since become somewhat of a reality over the past decade.

However, part of the charm of the original film was its two stars who worked so seamlessly with a cast of great characters actors. Despite CGI taken dramatic leaps forward in realism since 1996, if you don’t have a cast you can get invested in and like, well…you are left with 2014’s Into The Storm which was a bore. A Twister reboot could definitely work these days thanks to global warming. Kosinski is an interesting choice; he is a very stylistic director as anyone who has seen Tron: Legacy or Oblivion can tell you. Hopefully an impressive cast can help balance out the special effects.

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