HBO MAX Special Offer Available For DC Universe Subscribers

Do you have the DC Universe streaming service? Do you want to try HBO MAX but don’t want to shell out the 14.99 price tag that comes with it? Well good news!

Per Decider:

The DC streaming service announced today that it is offering a discounted rate for customers who choose to add HBO Max to their account, slashing the monthly HBO Max subscription price by $10.

Now, DC Universe will offer customers the option to “supercharge” their accounts by adding HBO Max for an additional $4.99 per month. HBO Max typically costs $14.99 per month on its own, but DC Universe subscribers who are paid annual members as of today will be eligible for the discount price.

The new HBO Max and DC Universe bundle will last for the remainer of paying customers’ subscription periods, and does not extend to DC Universe customers who are currently using a free trial. There’s also a catch for DC Universe subscribers who already have HBO Max — they will not be eligible for the bundle deal, since it’s only open to existing DC Universe subscribers who are new to HBO Max.

For DC Universe subscribers, they can purchase a subscription for the streaming service at the discounted price of just $4.99/month. However, if they decide to cancel their DC Universe subscription, they will have to pay the regular monthly rate for HBO Max. Also, DC Universe customers are only eligible for the offer if they are an annual member by June 30, 2020.

When HBO Max launched in May, the streaming service was able to stream DC Universe’s Doom Patrol and is currently streaming season 2 of the series. In fact, it was also recently announced that Harley Quinn will also be headed to HBO Max, another DC Universe title. Naturally, this development may cause customers to wonder what this means for the future of DC Universe, given the fact these popular titles are making the shift to HBO’s streaming platform.

As many suspected, the DC Universe was on borrowed time once HBO MAX dropped. They got the rights to more DC Movies, new DC shows, and of course the highly anticipated Snyder Cut of Justice League. Perhaps DC Universe will become a comic book only streaming service moving forward. What do you think? Let us know in the comments.

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