A Face Mask With Style! Horror Fans Need To Check These Out!

During this time of COVID-19, the effects of the pandemic appear to have much longer fallout than we could have ever expected. With no end in sight to the potential danger of the Coronavirus, we all must do the smart thing and continue to wear face masks to keep ourselves and our loved ones safe. But who says the face masks have to be boring. Especially when you have masks like these that you can get:

The Predator face mask is absolutely amazing and very eye-catching. The Predator mask is created by creature sculptor and designer Instagram user, @propsbyzoda. Inside the mask is an actual face mask that can be taken out and cleaned. Check out a review of the Predator Mask below by Youtuber Nightmare Corner:

If you would like to purchase a predator face mask direct message @propbyzoda for details and expect to spend some cash.

Now if you are more into the hockey mask, slasher face masks, well, Jason Baker has a treat for you! He has sculpted an amazing creation of the Jason Voorhees mask in the shape of a face mask. Like the Predator mask, inside is a face mask that can be taken out and cleaned. The Jason Voorhees mask will run you 60 US dollars; 80 US dollars when being shipped Internationally, and if you want it for a keepsake you can even get it signed by horror mastermind Tom Savini for 120 US dollars! The Jason mask has garnered some big-name fans like Savini, Greg Nicotero, and Scott Ian.

Now because of the unique situation we are in the demand for these masks has been very high. So much so, Baker took to his Instagram to say this:

So even though we don’t know when this epidemic will be over for sure, we can at least buy some unique face masks that might at least bring a smile to people’s faces.

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