CW Cancels Katy Keene After Only One Season

I’m not sure if there is just some kind of disconnect between television viewers and actress Lucy Hale or maybe it’s just CW. Either way, Hale’s second television show (the first being the ill-fated Life Sentence) Katy Keene has been canceled by the network that typically doesn’t cancel anything.

Katy Keene was a spin-off of Riverdale. Like Netflix’s Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, the 3 shows were apart of the Archie-verse of characters. However, WB is looking at possibly reviving the series on a different streaming platform.

The series follows aspiring fashion designer Katy Keene (Lucy Hale), who meets Josie McCoy (Ashleigh Murray), fresh off the bus to chase her musical dreams. Their world is populated with kindred-spirit starving artists, including mysterious socialite Pepper Smith (Julia Chan) and Broadway-bound performer Jorge Lopez – and his drag queen alter ego, Ginger (Jonny Beauchamp).

The series was the only CW show not to be renewed in January, when the network handed out second season pick-ups to fellow newcomers “Batwoman” and “Nancy Drew.” It’s worth noting that even though “Batwoman” will swing back into action for another season, it will be without lead actor Ruby Rose, who exited in May. Sources attributed her departure to her being unhappy with the long hours required of her as the lead, which led to friction on the set.

The “Katy Keene” cancelation isn’t all that surprising given that it failed to take off viewership-wise both on linear and digital. Its poor ratings performance is perhaps a little surprising, however, given that “Riverdale” has been such a consistent performer across all platforms.

What do you think? She Katy Keene live on on another streaming platform? Let us know in the comments!

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