After The Snyder Cut, Should WB Release The Ayer Cut Of Suicide Squad?

There are two camps of people when it comes to the Suicide Squad film. They either love it or have more disdain for it than Joss Whedon’s Justice League. Either way, the SS film we got was not the one that was originally shot. Edited. Or in some cases even scored.

SS was supposed to set up Justice League, much like how the bonus scene of Wonder Woman (that became a deleted scene) was supposed to do as well.

Not only was the final product completely re-edited by a trailer company but it also went through massive story overhauls. The Joker scenes that would have shown just how demented Jared Leto‘s Joker was ended up cut, hell even the main villain was changed. The original plot centered around The Enchantress trying to obtain the Motherbox (later revealed in JL) oh and the lame black goo guys were supposed to be Parademons that would have tied into both BvS & JL films. But after BvS failed to make Avengers money and divided fans, WB went into panic mode and started to make wholesale changes and tried to adopt a more lighter/marvel tone that fell flat with fans.

Now after the dust has settled years later and a new regime is in charge at Warner Bros, directors and actors of old DC films are speaking out. David Ayer said that Geoff Johns pretty much ruined his film Justice League. However, like with the Snyder Cut of JL, there might be a chance that an Ayer cut of SS could be on the horizon via HBO Max.

Ayer took to Twitter and said this about his cut of SS:

Judging by a quick scan on Twitter, it doesn’t look like David Ayer has to worry about a lack of campaigning for the Ayer Cut. With the Snyder Cut coming out in early to mid-2021 and HBO Max spending upwards of $30 million to put it together, that means Suicide Squad could find itself receiving similar treatment.

That said, it’s possible the streaming service, and by extension AT&T, will wait to see how the Snyder Cut performs before making any decision on Suicide Squad’s Ayer Cut. Ayer has said before how this matter is out of his hands, but should it get the green light, it would be easy to complete, not to mention be “incredibly cathartic” for him that people would finally get to see the movie he originally put together.

In any case, just like how the Snyder Cut of Justice League will unfold quite differently than what was shown in theaters in late 2017, there are plenty of differences between the theatrical Suicide Squad released in the summer of 2016 and the Ayer Cut. For one thing, Ayer has the original cut was tonally darker, having drawn inspiration from fellow director Christopher Nolan.

Other ways the Ayer Cut will stand out from the Suicide Squad that’s been out for the past four years include Enchantress’ plans connecting to the Justice Leaguevillain Steppenwolf, a possessed Katana fighting the rest of the Squad, Harley Quinn being entangled in a love triangle, Diablo surviving to the end of the story and a lot more screen time for Jared Leto’s Joker. So yeah, that’d be a lot to chew on.

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