Check Out Dua Lipa’s Animated Music Video For “Hallucinate”

So what do you do if you are in quarantine and can’t make a music video? Well, you get one animated for you. Just ask Dua Lipa who had her latest single for “Hallucinate” drop.

Per Rolling Stone:

The clip was directed by the Mill’s Lisha Tan, and it opens with an animated Dua Lipa performing for an adoring crowd of cartoon creatures whose big eyes and bulbous shapes seem ripped straight from early 20th century cartoons. Of course, as the song’s title demands, things don’t say normal for long, as Dua ends up transported to a psychedelic dreamscape filled with dancing vegetables, unicorns and bunnies. While the trip does take a harsh turn, the creepy clown/skeleton head bringing the bad vibes is unable to withstand the thumping, euphoric power of “Hallucinate.”

Dua Lipa released Future Nostalgia back in March, and the record recently landed on Rolling Stone’s list of the 50 Best Albums of 2020 So Far. In an interview on the Rolling Stone Music Now podcast, the pop star spoke about the difficult decision to release her acclaimed record just as the COVID-19 pandemic was setting in.

“Hallucinate is hereee!! created with love during lockdown,” Lipa wrote in a post on Instagram. “thank you to the gang that helped me bring this idea to life.”

The singer previously incorporated anime into her music video for “Physical,” another track off Future Nostalgia. Since lockdowns were implemented to combat the spread of coronavirus, more musicians and labels have opted for animated videos. Marco Pavone did the animation for the music video that depicts Lipa as a Betty Boop-ish like character.

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