NBC/Universal’s Peacock Streaming Service Is Here, But Is It Worth Your Time?

The all-new, oddly named streaming service, Peacock is here and it’s more or less adequate. The interface is by far the easiest to navigate when compared to other new streaming services like Disney+, Apple+, and HBO Max. However, like Disney and HBO, the biggest let down is the lack of NEW content. There are previews of things to come like the impressive new Brave New World science fiction series but not much else. Peacock is pretty much HBO Max with even less of the old programming you liked.

So far, the only new streaming service that has really stepped up to the plate with impressive new shows is Apple+. These other new streaming services are simply propelled by old content until the COVID-19 epidemic allows the studios to resume filming. These new streaming services have a long way to go before they can even begin to sniff the success of Netflix or even Amazon.

Peacock, which launched Wednesday with a free tier and premium free trials, has the same issue HBO Max has at launch. Viewer can’t watch on Roku or Fire TV, and the Google Play Store fumbled its Android app.

Despite all this, Peacock has a catalog of more than 20,000 hours of shows, movies, news, sports, curated channels, trending highlights and exclusive big-budget original programming. 


Competing with the likes of NetflixDisney Plus, HBO Max and others, Peacock is the last big new service going live in the flood of launches from tech and media giants over the last year. Technically, Peacock launched months ago in a limited “sneak peek” on April 15 for some Comcast customers. But the nationwide launch on Wednesday widens the service to anyone in the US who wants to watch it, and Peacock’s first original shows and movies dropped then too.  

Peacock’s free tier, with about two-thirds of the catalog, is available to watch right away with advertising after you register an email and password. You can unlock the full library of shows and movies for a price — $4.99 a month for the full catalog plus ads and $9.99 a month to go ad-free. Peacock offers a standard seven-day free trial for its premium tiers, and, again, people who sign up on a Google platform like Android can snag an extended free trial until mid-October. 

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