HipsterZOMBIEJoint New Music Friday Picks 7/17/20

Lots of great new albums are dropping today to get us rockin’ through the weekend! All of these albums and more are now streaming on Apple Music and Spotify.

Kingdom – Bush

Per AmericanSongWriter:

Die-hard Bush fans often recall Sixteen Stone as the group’s conquering work, but now may hear a potential rivalry with the coming of The Kingdom. Bush’s eighth studio album presents as a modern-age merge of early Bush with a harder spin and enduring momentum.

The album hits the ground running with the single “Flowers on a Grave” followed by “Bullet Holes,” which was featured in the action film John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum.  

Nightmares of the West – Strike Anywhere

Per TheNewFury:

Pissed-off Punk is welcome now more than ever, as the world is more than a hot mess. That’s the MO of Strike Anywhere, a band that’s been at it since 1999. For a band that hasn’t had a release since 2009, the political climate has changed quite drastically, and it’s ripe for criticism, and Strike Anywhere is looking to take advantage with their new EP, Nightmares of the West.

With a laser focus in the lyricism, it’s clear from the start in “Documentary” that, with a traditional punk instrumental backing, Strike Anywhere has set their sights on delivering a profound message in these tracks. As explained by vocalist Thomas Barnett, “We wanted to write things that we felt really fresh about and that revealed something new … These songs are the conversations that we want to have and the feelings that we still really need to share.”

Ultimate Success Today – Protomartyr

Per live4ever:

Lead Joe Casey prophetically sees Ultimate Success Today as the symbolic closing act of a five-album cycle in which the band’s macro environment has taken a toll on them, an American dream which his home city revealed as tarnished decades ago. It’s the sort of mindset that could be destructive or maudlin in the hands of many other songwriters, but Casey has fused the bare wires tension and paranoia into the band’s finest work yet, from the raking sax that punctures the bug eyed tension of opener Day Without End to the raw boned but loveable closer Worm In Heaven.

If this is the end of the world, it’s not a mass extinction event but one that would have us living afterwards in our caves with Protomartyr’s trickery. The heavy handed riffing of Processed By The Boys is epic, Casey spaying out non-sequiturs of apocalyptic verse such as, ‘When the ending comes, is it gonna run/At us like a wild-eyed animal?/A foreign disease washed upon the beach/A dagger plunged from out of the shadows’. In a way though, this is the band at their most approachable, a track that seems as condemned to sadness as it’s scared of every sort of future.

Come back next week for a fresh batch of new music Friday picks only on the HipsterZOMBIEJoint Experience!

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