San Diego Convention Center Sends Out A Heartfelt Message Regarding Comic-Con

San Diego. Home to the biggest geek Mecca in the world, San Diego Comic-Con International. There’s a reason why the most prestigious convention descends on the finest city in the world. San Diego is home. The entire city shuts down for a week and people in costumes take over. The convention is home to comic book creators, video games, toys, television & film panels and more. Everyone who is anyone in the geek community is in San Diego for these special few days. But not this year. There will be no offsite events. No panels. No cosplay. No SDCC.

This year, due to the merciless affects of COVID-19, July 23rd through the 26th the streets of San Diego will be quiet. The convention center will be empty. But us fans of the uncanny, the fantastic, and the spectacular will celebrate virtually via ComicConAtHome, a free for all digital event on YouTube. But rest assured, this pandemic will end. We are not the walking dead but instead a league of justice and hope. We will overcome. And we will join each other in the sun again.

The HipsterZOMBIEJoint Experience

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