Vampirella 50th Anniversary Finale Comic-Con@Home Panel

Dynamite joins current Vampirella writers and artists Christopher Priest (Black Panther), Tom Sniegoski (Punisher), Lucio Parrillo, Meghan Hetrick, and editor Matt Idelson to discuss the timeless appeal of the character, current storylines, and tease the future.

On March 17, 2010, Dynamite Entertainment acquired the rights to Vampirella from Harris Comics.The publisher started a new ongoing series with Vampirella #1, in November 2010. A new monthly series, Vampirella and the Scarlet Legion, was released in May 2011 following the main title. The series lasted 38 issues before concluding in January 2014. The character and series were rebooted in June 2014 with Vampirella vol. 2, #1 by author Nancy Collins, and again in 2016 with Vampirella vol. 3, #1 in March 2016 in the same continuity but with a new costume. In 2017, Vampirella was relaunched again Vampirella vol. 4, #1, first written by Paul Cornell, and later by Jeremy Whitley.

Vampirella was originally presented as hailing from the planet Drakulon, a world where blood flowed like water and where the natives – the Vampiri – shared traditionally vampiric characteristics. Drakulon orbited a binary star which caused continuous droughts throughout the year. Unfortunately for the Vampiri, these droughts have gradually dried up their blood supply; threatening them with extinction. Vampirella’s journey begins when an American space shuttle crashes on Drakulon. Sent to investigate, she discovers the astronauts have blood in their veins. Hoping to save her people, she travels to Earth where she begins hunting dark remnants of her own race. Earth’s vampires originate from Dracula – a forgotten member of the Vampiri race who left his homeworld centuries ago only to be corrupted by the demonic entity known as Chaos.

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