JUSTICE LEAGUE SNYDER CUT Justice Con Exclusive Clip: Black Superman Suit & Alfred Scene

Take a loot at Official Snyder Cut Justice Con Clip we got at Justice Con! Superman, in his black suit, meets with Alfred.

The celebration of the Justice League Snyder Cut included an appearance from the man himself, director Zack Snyder, who revealed a new clip from the movie featuring the first-ever in-motion shot of the black suit Superman.

The brief excerpt, shown during the Justice-Con talk with Snyder, sees Alfred being met by a descending Superman, who asks, “I’m assuming you’re Alfred?”

Not much to go on, but it’s a sign of how deleted scenes will be weaved into the finished product – and it’s a moment that Snyder must take some personal satisfaction from as he fought for black over the red and blue that so often signified Truth, Justice, and the American Way and was present in 2017’s Justice League.

He explained: “I would argue for the black suit all the time and they said it was not a good idea.” 

“We had done little adjustments to the suit that would make it easier to adjust. We knew how to do this transformation. We had done a bunch of private experiments to make sure we could switch it, because frankly [the studio] was just not into it. I knew it was the correct evolution for him after he rose from the dead. But the perception of the black suit was just, ‘You’re trying to make the movie dark and not hilarious.'”

Snyder, also once again teased a close to “four hours” runtime – something he has thought about since assembling the very first version of what would go on to become the Snyder Cut back in February 2017. It’s “a natural length for this movie… everyone gets to see a complete story,” Snyder remarked. “It’s a pure vision unencumbered by anything apart from what we think is awesome.” Check out the clip above now! The Snyder Cut is expected to drop on HBO MAX early 2021.

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