Tia Gostelow + Holy Holy Team Up On New Track, ”Always”

Check out the new single from TIA GOSTELOW featuring Holy Holy. Entitled “Always” the track showcases lush pop landscapes, 80’s synth and dance-worthy melodies. 

Tia Gostelow‘s second album sees the rising superstar slide from her guitar based indie/folk influences of Thick Skin into a lush pop landscape with Oscar Dawson (Holy Holy, Alex Lahey) at the production helm. Third single “Always” brings the second half of Holy Holy into the mix, with Tim Carroll sharing vocal duties on the song, complimenting Oscar’s bass and production. 

“I am so excited about ‘Always’ being released. I feel like it’s the song that sums up the whole vibe of the album and I’m so stoked to have Holy Holy featuring on it. It was really cool to be able to work with Oscar and Tim on it and I love that you can hear elements of their distinct sound throughout the song, eg. Oscars lil guitar solo at the end.” – Tia Gostelow

“We’ve been fans of Tia’s work for years so we jumped at the chance to collaborate on a song for her new record. It’s a dreamy tune and singing duet is something I don’t get to do enough of. It’s such a classic format.”  – Tim Carroll (HOLY HOLY).

Adding to great musical talent behind the track, another upcoming Australian band wrote the song as she explains, “I’ve been a big fan of The Money War for a really long time and had the chance to finally see them play at Bigsound last year, and they absolutely killed it. I feel like there is something really magical about their music and lyrics and I really fell in love with them. I ended up getting an email from Dylan from The Money War after seeing them live saying he has some songs that he thinks would really suit me. I sat on them for a little while because I wasn’t sure how I felt about releasing a song that I hadn’t written myself or had been a part of in the writing process, but I just couldn’t get ‘Always’ out of my head.” 

Tia’s love for The Money War was mutual as Dylan & Carmen from The Money War elaborate, “Carmen and I are big fans of Tia. When we got connected around the time of Bigsound I thought some sort of collaboration could be a really cool fit, so I sent her the song. It was really cool to hear where they took the song, and love the Holy Holy feature too!”

Lyrically it was a perfect fit for Tia, blending into the overall arc of the album, and emotionally as a young adult, “I really connected with it lyrically straight away, when I first heard it I had the feeling it was about being in love with someone but not physically being able to be with them and also pushing through all of the hard parts in a relationship because you know the good outweighs the bad. It just fit perfectly within the record as I’ve really highlighted my feelings about being away from my loved ones, feeling lonely and I guess just trying to figure out who I am as a 20-year old woman.” – Tia Gostelow

“Always” follows on from singles “Rush” and “Psycho” which have pushed Tia’s profile even higher with love from right around the globe. The as of yet untitled forthcoming album is due out later in 2020 and fans can expect to see her performing shows right around the country to celebrate when the time is right. 

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