“Splinter Cell” Series Coming To Netflix!

John Wick writer Derek Kolstad is helming an anime adaptation of the popular Playstation video game, Splinter Cell.

The series is based on the hugely successful Splinter Cell game franchise, which debuted in 2002 and has spawned six sequels, a series of novels and a long-in-development film adaptation. It centers on Sam Fisher, a black-ops agent for a clandestine division of the National Security Agency known as Third Echelon.

Per Decider:

The series has already been given a two-season, 16 episode order. Splinter Cell was first released in 2002. The game follows Sam Fisher, a former Navy SEAL who has been recruited by the NSA, where he works at a mysterious fictional sub-division called the Third Echelon. Players control Fisher and try to beat out his enemies in each level. Since its release in 2002, Splinter Cell has inspired six sequel games and multiple novels. The most recent spinoff game, “Splinter Cell: Blacklist” was released in 2013.

Before Netflix picked up “Splinter Cell” for an anime series, the popular game had been considered for a film adaptation for years. At one point around 2012, Tom Hardy had signed on to play Fisher, but the project never further developed and is currently considered inactive.

Kolstad has worked on all three films in the Keanu Reeves action franchise and is currently working on the fourth installment. He has also been attached to projects like Quibi‘s Die Hart with comedian Kevin Hart and Disney+‘s The Falcon and the Winter Soldier.

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