BREAKING NEWS: Live-Action “MULAN” Film To Be Released On Disney+

Remember when Disney’s live-action remake of Mulan was supposed to come out in March? Then COVID-19 happened and pushed almost every major studio release into Fall or Summer 2021. Mulan has been slated to come out towards the end of July, however due to the second wave of the Coronavirus ravaging the United States, it along with every other Disney film was pulled from the 2020 release schedule.

Now in a shocking move, Disney has chosen to release the 200 million dollar budgeted film on their streaming service, Disney+ for U.S. audiences for 29.99 on September 4th.

Per The Hollywood Reporter:

In addition to the U.S., Mulan will be made available to Disney+ customers in Canada, New Zealand, Australia and many Western European countries.

In territories where it doesn’t debut on the streaming service, Mulan will be made available to cinemas.

Walt Disney Co. CEO Bob Chapek assured investors that the company remains committed to the theatrical experience, and that the Mulan decision was made in order to bring the epic adventure to audiences as soon as possible.

“We’re very pleased to be able to bring Mulan to our consumer base that has been waiting for it for a long, long time,” Chapek said. “Mulan is a one-off. That said, we find it very interesting to be able to take a new offering to consumers at that $29.99 price and learn from it and see what happens not only in terms of the uptick of the number of subscribers we got on the platform, but also the number of transactions we get on that PVOD offering.”

Niki Caro directed the feature that stars Crystal Liu as Mulan, a woman who disguises herself as a man to spare her elderly father from military service.

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