No Matter What, The New Mutants WILL Debut In Theaters Aug. 28th!

After delay upon delay, The New Mutants may finally be on the way to actually being seen!

Though Disney has shuffled around theatrical plans for nearly every movie slated for release in 2020 and beyond, The New Mutants has stayed put on the weekend of Aug. 28th as many had expected that Disney would continue to postpone it, while others speculated that the film might be exported to Disney Plus or Hulu.

To add even more confidence that the film is being released, Disney sent exhibitors a lengthy email on Monday outlining theatrical plans, including news that tickets can be sold starting the morning of Aug. 18. One exhibitor wrote to Variety,

“It’s for sure opening August 28th!”

With the pandemic, it’s never 100 percent certain that things will stay intact however, Theaters may be ready to open their doors to the Mutants.

Below is the list of films set to release barring any changes.

Current Studio Film Release Schedule:

20th Century The New Mutants Aug 28

Warner Bros. Tenet Sep 3

STX Greenland Sep 25

Universal Candyman Oct 16

Sony Connected Oct 23

Lionsgate Fatale Oct 30

Disney Black Widow Nov 6

Paramount Clifford the Big Red Dog Nov 13

United Artists No Time to Die Nov 20

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