Hans Zimmer Just Made A New Netflix Intro

Composer Hans Zimmer is our generation’s John Williams. He has composed scores for countless modern day classics and has given us some memorable themes. Now he is bringing his magic to…Netflix?!?

Yes, the “Ta-Dum” sound we hear at the start of every Netflix show or movie is now getting an upgrade. As revealed on the Twenty Thousand Hertz podcast, Netflix tapped Zimmer to compose an extended version of their familiar intro noise for cinemas.

According to Netflix’s Brand Design Lead Tanya Kumar, Zimmer handed in “six or seven various compositions” that were then narrowed to three. But with someone as versed as Zimmer, it didn’t take long to nail down a cinematic version of the classic “ta-dum.” The result sounds like it could be an outtake from a superhero score, and you can hear it below.

For more on Netflix’s sound design and how this new version came about, listen to the 100th episode of Twenty Thousand Hertz below. The Zimmer discussion begins around the 17:20 mark.

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