DC FANDOME, a special free virtual event is coming up this next weekend, so why does it seem like a lot of the news surfacing leading up to the event is all about DC Comics layoffs, the streaming service losing content, and oh yeah, 20 COMIC BOOK SERIES HAVE OFFICIALLY BEEN CANCELED!

A reason for the cancellations has not been provided as of this writing. DC, like every publisher in the comic book business right now, is struggling to adapt to the situation at hand. The COVID-19 outbreak has forced disruptions in supply chains, closed down comic book shops and hurt sales. It is likely the cancellations have to do with the publisher adjusting to the situation.  And when I say adjusting, I mean laying off a ton of hard working creatives during the worst epidemic of our lifetime. Stay classy DC Comics…

Following the cancellations of Batgirl, Batman and The Outsiders, and Justice League Odyssey in October, more DC titles are scheduled to get the ax in November. DC’s just-released November solicitations reveal that Teen Titans, Young Justice, Suicide Squad, Hawkman, and John Constantine: Hellblazer are all ending in November – with a cryptic message about Aquaman that makes the title’s fate questionable. The Batman’s Grave and Metal Men limited series will also reach their planned end in November. Aquaman hasn’t officially been canceled but does mention a finale, “Guest-starring the Justice League in a finale that will amaze you!” Writer Kelly Sue DeConnick has confirmed that Aquaman #65 will mark her departure from the series, but has not confirmed whether the title will end when she leaves.

“Here’s where we are on digital. All our data shows the digital consumer and the physical consumer are two different audiences,” Adam Philips, Director of Marketing Service of DC Comics previously said. “For now, we’re going to continue to release digital comics, but will revisit this if the pipeline for physical distribution continues to be challenged and disrupted.”

During the shutdown, DC has shifted several titles to digital exclusives. With many consumers unwilling or unable to pick up physical books in stores, digital sales have become more important than ever. But as Philips explains, the type of consumer that will buy a book digitally, versus the type of consumer that heads to a local shop to pick up books, is quite different. 

DC’s Dollar Comics are mostly reprintings of older issues. These books are released at a discounted price to help encourage new readership. The unfortunate part of these titles being axed from the lineup is that it takes many affordable books out of stores in the future. 

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