HipsterZOMBIEJoint Movie Review: Spree

If our civilization crumbles it will be because of social media. The plethora of streaming/sharing platforms and the various trolls, racists, influencers, and SJWs that inhabit it treat the internet like a Roman Coliseum that feeds Christians to ravenous lions. Us, the viewers, are the lions of course. We follow, post, share, record, and stream because if it’s not recorded it didn’t happen.

Such is the set up for the new film, Spree.

Spree is a 2020 American black comedyhorror film directed by Eugene Kotlyarenko. The gonzo-style satire follows a social mediaobsessed ride-hail driver played by Joe Keery. The film also stars Sasheer Zamata, David Arquette, Kyle Mooney and Mischa Barton. It was executive-produced by Drake.

The film perfectly captures the toxicity of social media and people’s desperation to stay relevant on it. A reviewer described the film as being a modern day American Psycho and I couldn’t agree more. Stranger ThingsJoe Keery channels a young Christian Bale in his manic performance. Like an ADHD, crazed, psychotic teen you would see on streaming on Twitch or Instagram, Kerry’s character, Kurt, records his transportation of various clients. In the beginning you think he might be pulling a Dexter by cleaning the streets of random scum but you then realize that’s just the people of Los Angeles.

Now this film is not for everybody. It’s shot like a found footage film and is extremely cringe-worthy throughout most of it. But that I think is also part of the film’s charm. The fact that Kurt is so real, and pathetically desperate for the approval of complete strangers.

The film kind of falls apart in its final act but doesn’t nosedive the overall experience. Keery is fantastic in the film and it’s nice to see David Arquette and Mischa Barton even if it is in small doses.

In closing, Spree is exactly the kind of thing the YouTube generation could actually create: a streaming killer. The real horrifying thing is people would actually watch and choose to follow him.

HipsterZOMBIEJoint Experience recommends Spree.

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