Coming To Disney + This September 2020: Earth To Ned; Secret Society of Second Born Royals; & The World Premiere of Mulan!

Meet the stars and heroes of September! Disney’s Mulan, Secret Society of Second-Born Royals, BecomingSeries, and more are streaming next month on DisneyPlus. The big news of the month of course is Disney sending the theatrical live-action remake of Mulan to Disney Plus as opposed to waiting until COVID-19 blows over. This will be a test that many other studios will be keeping a close eye on. While 30 dollars to purchase a film on a streaming service that you already pay a monthly fee for might seem like a lot, just remember how much you would have paid for the same movie at the theater. Plus the concessions. Plus the gas to get to the theater. You might be surprised to find out that buying a film like this at home might be cheaper by comparison.

If people do decide to buy the upcoming Disney release in droves, expect other studios to follow in Disney’s footsteps. Remember, Trolls World Tour made bank when it debuted on PVOD a few months back.

Check out the full list of new shows and movies hitting the streaming service in September below:

September 4

Ancient China from Above (s1)

D2: The Mighty Ducks

D3: The Mighty Ducks

Never Been Kissed

Strange Magic

Trick or Treat

The Wolverine


Earth to Ned

One Day At Disney – Episode 140 

Muppets Now – Season Finale

Pixar In Real Life – Season Finale

Weird But True – Episode 304

September 11

Christopher Robin

One Day At Disney – Episode 141 – “Amanda Lauder: Chef Chocolatier”

Weird But True – Episode 305 – “Photography”

September 18

Bend it Like Beckham

Coop & Cami Ask the World (s2)

Europe from Above (s1)

Ever After: A Cinderella Story

Kingdom of the Mummies (s1)

Marvel Super Hero Adventures (s4)

Notre Dame: Race Against the Inferno

Once Upon a Time (s1-7)

Soy Luna (s2-3)

Violetta (s3)

Wicked Tuna (s9)


One Day At Disney – Episode 142

Weird But True – Episode 306 

September 25

Fancy Nancy: Fancy it Yourself (s2)

The Giant Robber Crab

Gordon Ramsay: Uncharted (s2)

Muppet Babies (s2)


Port Protection: Alaska (s3)

Sydney to the Max (s2)

Wild Central America (s1)

X-Ray Earth (s1)

Magic of Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Secret Society of Second-Born Royals

One Day At Disney – Episode 143 

Weird But True – Episode 307 

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