Get Ready For The “Stranger Things” Drive-Into Experience This October In L.A.

🚨BREAKING NEWS🚨 Stranger Things Drive-Into Experience is coming to LosAngeles, presented by Fever US


Drive into Hawkins from the safety of your car

Attention all Stranger Things fans! It’s time to travel back in time to 1985 and become a Hawkins resident – in real life. Adventure calls, so gather your friends and drive to the Starcourt Mall. Immerse yourself in the thrilling world of Stranger Things, where you will take part in a “drive-into” experience like no other.

You will unlock the untold story of Hawkins in this unique format event – all from the safety of your car. In a central DTLA location, you’ll dive into and explore a living, breathing story to savour some of the best moments from the Netflix series and maybe even witness some unforeseen and unusual occurrences. Sign up now on to join the waitlist & unlock the secrets that await…


Discover the Upside Down!

The year is 1985 and a world of bitchin’ tunes, mullets and monster hunts awaits. Hop into your car, drive to the Starcourt Mall and find yourself at the heart of the action. In a town built on secrets, you may be surprised to discover a more sinister truth than you had ever imagined.

Expect real-life locations from the series and mind-blowing audio and visual effects. This adventure is Eleven out of 10! But beware, things can quickly turn uʍop ǝpᴉsdn.

Sign up now and be the first one to get access to tickets and more information at

A brand new event concept where you drive into the world of Hawkins and experience the upside down.

Date: October 2020

Duration: Over 1h


Central location in Downtown LA

Age requirement: recommended to 12+

Price: tickets start at $59 per car!

Enjoy the experience from the safety of your own car!

Impressive special effects, both visual and audio!

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