Flash To Get A New Costume In Upcoming Solo Film

New Suit!

Get ready to jump head first into the multiverse of DC Comics on film! IT director  Andy Muschietti and writer Christina Hodson are teaming up with Ezra Miller who is reprising his role as Barry Allen/The Flash from Justice League. Not much was revealed at the Flash panel that took place at DC Fandome but we did learn the Flash will don a new suit that is described as being more organic and will light shining in and around it.  TheWrap reported that Michael Keaton was in early negotiations to reprise his role of Bruce Wayne / Batman for the film. In August 2020, it was confirmed that Keaton had signed on to return and that Ben Affleck would reprise his role as the DCEU version of Batman for the film as well.

Is that the Michael Keaton Batman behind the Flash?

The story will very much be about a man trying to right a wrong through time travel. Superman saw his world die. Batman saw his parents killed. But neither tried to go back in time and change the events that made them. Flash will be doing just that in his first film and the effects will send ripples throughout the DC cinematic universe.

Now fans will have to wait a little bit for this film, its not set to come out until 2022, but rest assured, it is coming and the future of the Flash is brighter than ever!

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