You Got To Check Out This Amazing Getaway Destination: Hicksville

Located at a secret location in Joshua Tree is an enclosed redneck oasis that is unlike any other.

Per Hicksville Website:

California’s first trailer motel and the second in the United States inspired by The Shady Dell(est. 1927) Built by Los Angeles writer/director Morgan Higby Night, Hicksville was opened April 2010 as a retreat for artists of any medium to get away and have a safe place to create & collaborate. The motel came into existence as Morgan realized that people from any occupation or background might appreciate a place to relax and enjoy the magic that is in and around Joshua Tree. Morgan moved out on his own at 17 and into a Central Oregon Trailer Park. He has had an affinity for them ever since. The idea to make them themed came from his favorite hotel, The Madonna Inn, in San Luis Obispo.

The Trailer Palace includes:

  • Saltwater Pool

  • Rooftop Hot Tub

  • Two Firepits

  • Ping Pong + Darts

  • Archery + BB Gun Range

  • Mini Golf + Cornhole

  • Giant Shuffle Board + Ball Pit

  • Pinball + Multicade

  • Library

  • Fort Dog

  • Lifeguard Vape Room

  • Lounging Areas

  • Vending Machines

  • Filtered Water

  • Charcoal Barbecue Grill

  • Microwave

  • Toaster

  • Dishes

  • Pot + Pans

  • Grill Utensils 

  • Forks + Spoons

  • Knives

I recently stayed at the secret oasis and let me tell you it is a very unique and fun experience. Every trailer has its own unique theme that is reflected in its exterior and interior. The pool is set at a perfect temperature. As stated above there is a ton of stuff to do and the ball pit is huge and amazing! The hot tub is set on a balcony and perfect for stargazing at night. The staff is absolutely amazing and very accommodating. There is also a free jukebox on site that plays amazing indie rock, classic country, and 80s alternative jams. Check out some of the pictures I took of Hicksville below:

For horror fans who like to be separate from everyone else, the Project Z cabin sets outside the compound and is perfect for fans of The Walking Dead! Check out more the fantastic trailers and booking info here.

This is the perfect destination in the middle of nowhere. They only ask that you don’t geo-tag yourself via social media. It’s secret for a reason people! They give you the address as soon as you book a cabin! See more details at the official link below:

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