Botchmania 417 Is Here To Lay Another Smackdown!

Botchmania is a collection of the best wrestling fails, flubbed lines, and ridiculousness from some of the biggest wrestling promotions around the world! Whether it’s TNA, NWA, AEW, NXT or even WWE, no wrestling company is safe!

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Per Botchmania:

Summerslam was way better than expected (if you can stomach the Thunderdome, overly-lit, fake crowd production) in terms of in-ring action. NXT was better than Portland too and I don’t know why people were tweeting me “hey lots of stuff for Botchamania!” during the ladder match because a sunset flip wasn’t perfectly hit. It’s a five man ladder match, not Gotch/Hackenschmidt.

AEW Dynamite has been a blast too, I’m glad I’m here to point out the negatives when wrestling is very slowly crawling back to normal.

Covering the Thunderdome shit-posting is fun because it means I get to preach HEY NOW, SHOWING KKK & EXECUTION CLIPS IS TOO FAR when I’m sat at home laughing at Benoit’s sudden re-appearance. We’ve all got our different sensibilities I guess and maybe I’m getting old but I think shit-posting with stuff like Mike Awesome or DSP clips or even K-Pop fancams is funnier than Liveleak clips.

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