Brock Lesnar Is Out Of WWE: Is He The Biggest Free Agent In Wrestling Now?!?

Wrestler, Brock Lesnar, is reportedly a free agent right now. Which could be huge news for other wrestling promotions.

Lesnar’s most recent WWE contract has expired, according to PWInsider. The deal expired without the two sides agreeing on terms for a new deal.

It was noted that the two sides have been working on a new contract, but they recently hit an impasse and the negotiations have paused. Lesnar is now able to field offers from outside of WWE, if he wants, including offers from AEW, UFC and other organizations. has recently pulled all of the Brock Lesnar merchandise from its store. Lesnar has not appeared on WWE TV since losing the WWE Title to Drew McIntyre at WrestleMania 36 in April. His manager, Paul Heyman, just returned to the storylines with new WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns this past Friday night on SmackDown.

Now, Lesnar could decide to just sit out a year or so. But something tells me it might turn into a race between Dana White of UFC and Tony Kahn of AEW to see who is fastest to call and offer the biggest contract.

The idea of Lesnar jumping to rival promotion AEW could help the young upstart promotion get over the top IF they can work out a deal. They would have almost immediately put him in a title shot storyline. Lesnar would easily destroy anyone AEW has on their active roster.

The only question is, does Lesnar really want to work a full schedule when he doesn’t have to?

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