Marvel Studios Releases A Touching Chadwick Boseman Tribute

Marvel Studios’ Black Panther behind-the-scenes Chadwick Boseman tribute video.

Boseman, didn’t just play the part of a superhero, he was one. He was a regal and respectable role model for minorities who needed someone who looked like them to look up to. Black Panther wasn’t just another superhero, he was a king of a nation that was superior in arts, technology, and more. It was an inspiration for youths to see something so unique and awe inspiring as Wakanada.

Sadly, reality emotionally gut punched the Marvel fan base this past weekend when it was revealed Chadwick Boseman has died after a 4 year fight with Cancer. Despite his passing, Boseman leaves behind a string of groundbreaking films in which he played important and inspiring people of color. Jackie Robinson, James Brown, and of course, Black Panther. Boseman might be gone, but he has opened the door for many aspiring actors of color to walk through and be their own superheroes.

Chadwick Boseman will be missed but never forgotten.

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