Rising LA Alt-Rock Band Sleeptalk Release New Single “100X” + Music Video

Burgeoning LA alternative rock band Sleeptalk has just released a new single titled “100X”, along with an accompanying music video.

Frontman Anthony Fitzpatrick says, “Instrumentally, we wanted to go back to our roots and write something that has that genuine Sleeptalk vibe, while continuing to enhance our sound and grow as a band. The songwriting process started with the main keyboard riff accompanied by the bass line which gave the song its groove and feel. After finalizing it, we think it gives off the perfect blend of modern alternative pop and rock music. Lyrically, “100x” is about trying to convince your close friend that no matter how much your opinion on something might be hurtful, you are telling them because you want what’s best for them.”

Watch the music video below:

The new single “100x” shifts between experimental soundscapes and a guitar groove creating the perfect blend of modern alternative pop-rock music. Meshing their unique alt-rock sound with contemporary electronic music punctuated by smooth vocal hooks, “100x” crafts the quintessential late-summer jam.

After years of never-ending evolution and expansion of their style, Sleeptalk’s relentless work and experimentation are on sharp display with a catalog of music showcasing the distinct, exclusive style of the band. With more on the near horizon, including multiple singles, the band looks to round out 2020 in a big way.





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