HipsterZOMBIEJoint Role Call #11 Recasting The Star Wars Sequel Trilogy

Now that the Skywalker Saga has “ended” we can look back and see the sequel trilogy for what it was. Fun but not much substance and just a rehash of other Star Wars films. The sequel trilogy was drunk with nostalgia but it never did anything to stand out. It never took a risk worth taking. It was bland. The characters were good at times but what if there were different actors in those roles? Well, in today’s Role Call we ask just that when we recast the Star Wars Sequel Trilogy!


Jessica Henwick as Rey

Henwick, of Netflix’s Iron Fist fame, was almost cast in the role of Rey before losing out to Daisy Ridley. The casting would have been a first for the franchise, having a woman of color in the lead and would have really been something unique. Alas it wasn’t meant to be. However Henwick did find her way into The Last Jedi as Rose Tico’s sister who died in the film’s opening space battle.

Rahul Kohli as Finn

The iZOMBIE star would have been a perfect addition as everyone’s favorite stormtrooper turned Rebel, Finn. And he probably wouldn’t have thrown the trilogy and studio under the bus after the film’s release either. Kohli is an amazing actor and he has an accent that, Star Wars casting agents love that!

Liam Hemsworth as Poe Dameron

For Poe you need a rugged young actor with Han Solo-ish vibes. Why not Thor’s lil bro, Liam. He has starred in other previous action and science fiction films (most pretty horrible) but he would be great at the next generation Han Solo and help get the female audience in the theater.

Jack Quaid as General Hux

To play the part of the weasley Imperial officer, Hux, you need someone equally weasley looking. Why not The Boys Jack Quaid. Up to this point he has pretty much done satirical movies and television shows so it would be interesting to see him play the role of a villain.

Lana Candor as Rose Tico

The character of Rose gets a lot of misplaced hate by the fans despite being a really interesting character who was never really given anything interesting to do. Candor is an absolutely adorable actress who is best known for role in the Netflix Rom/Com film series, “To All The Boys I Loved Before.” She would be great in the role of Rose.

Kit Harington as Kylo Ren

I really liked Adam Driver as the film’s new Vader, but let’s face it, whenever he took off the mask he just looked like a dork. Harington might not be as gifted as an actor, but he does not a thing or two about looking imposing and badass in sword fights. Just check out Game of Thrones. He would be very scary as a Sith lord in training.

Pollyanna McIntosh as Captain Phasma

McIntosh knows a thing or two about being scary. She was very dominant her role brief stint on AMC’s The Walking Dead as the leader of a group of survivors living in a fortified junkyard. She would make an absolutely badass Captain Phasma and would be just as imposing with her voice as Gwendoline Christie.

Well that’s who we would cast in a Star Wars Sequel Trilogy Recast, but who would you cast? Let us know in the comments. Also let us know who you would recast in these roles. As always stay tuned for more Role Calls only on the HipsterZOMBIEJoint Experience!

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