New Netflix Comedy Series Has Become The Most Binge-Worthy New Series of 2020!

I was bummed when Netflix announced they were ending their drama series Trinkets after only two seasons. Luckily Netflix treats everyday like Christmas and gifted us with a quirky new teen drama/comedy series, Teenage Bounty Hunters.

The show comes from the team behind Orange is the New Black and follows high school students and fraternal twins Sterling and Blair Wesley fall into bounty hunting for a grizzled bounty hunter named Bowser Simmons in order to pay for the truck’s damages, and without their parents knowing. The two privileged, Christian Private School Twins become Bowsers interns and double as his employees at his yogurt shop.

Despite living in a squeaky clean religious environment, there is a seedy element that draws the attention of the teen bounty hunters and they become obsessed with it.

For those faithful viewers, at first glance the series (which is pretty mature and not meant for the kiddos) could come across as blasphemous, but honestly I think the writers are able to walk the line between comedy and insulting towards Christianity.

But let’s talk about the stars of the show, Maddie Phillips & Anjelica Bette Fellini who are both absolutely hilarious as the twin sisters Sterling & Blair. Their one-liners hit almost every time and the psychic twin monologues they have with each other during tense moments is very unique and witty.

For old school television fans you might or might not remember their boss, Bowser, who is played by Kadeem Hardison. He played Dwayne Wayne in the long running A Different World show back in the day.

The show has many laugh out loud moments but also tackles real teen issues like religion, family value, sexual orientation, and etc. The first season leaves viewers on a HUGE cliffhanger and luckily Netflix has already decided to renew the series for a second season.

So if you are looking for a new comedy/drama to binge this weekend, look up Teenage Bounty Hunters streaming now exclusively on Netflix!

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