The Next “Evil Dead” Will Ditch The Woods For The Big City?!?

The next Evil Dead film will take place in the big city?!? Evil Dead Rise is being directed by Lee Cronin (The Hole in the Ground), it won’t feature Bruce Campbell as Ash Williams, and it’s not going to be set at a cabin in the woods. Rumored but unconfirmed at this time is that the movie will be set in some kind of high-rise/skyscraper.

That particular setting is still very much unconfirmed for now, but it’s interesting to note that Campbell himself teased over the weekend that Evil Dead Rise is at least set in a city.

“The Evil Dead are going to fuck up a city this time,” Campbell said during an event at PA’s Mahoning Drive-In Theater over the weekend. No word if actress Jane Levy who was the heroine from the Evil Dead 2013 remake/reboot will return or if it will just be set in the Evil Dead universe and center around a new cast of characters.

Campbell will be producing Evil Dead Rise alongside Sam Raimi.

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