Los Angeles Cancels Halloween 2020 Events, Parties, & Trick or Treating!

Well I guess in 2020, entire holidays can be canceled. At least that’s what Los Angeles has chosen to do this Fall season. Forget Trick or Treating, Haunted House Attractions, Corn Mazes, Parties, Everything has been canceled.

On Tuesday, the Department of Public Health Director Barbara Ferrier posted Halloween guidelines on its website stating that door-to-door trick-or-treating is banned under the county health order, as is “trunk-to-trunk” treat distribution, in which children take candy from trunks of parked cars. By Wednesday, however, the guidelines were changed, with trick-or-treating listed as “not recommended,” instead of “not permitted.”

The only parties are gatherings allowed are those with the people currently in your household.

“Trick-or-treating, we’re highly recommending that it not happen,” she said. “We don’t think it’s an appropriate activity during a pandemic. … You know, there’s no guarantee when you go trick-or-treating that your child goes up to a house where the person who opens the door is wearing a face covering. And when you don’t know the people opening the door, there’s no guarantee they’re not sick and that the candy they’re passing out that they’ve touched may not be safe for you to want your child to be sharing.”

The latest guidelines also prevent carnivals, festivals and haunted house attractions, and instead encourage online parties, car parades that comply with vehicle parade protocols and Halloween movie nights at drive-in theaters that meet health and safety standards.

Annual Halloween events such as Knott’s Scary Farm and the Oogie Boogie Bash at Disneyland have already been canceled because of the pandemic.

The county won’t strip away all Halloween celebrations. Halloween meals at outdoor restaurants, Halloween-themed art installations at outdoor museums and dressing up homes and yards with decorations are still allowed — provided they comply with countywide COVID-19 protocols.

So if it’s no fun and completely sucks you are okay. Seriously, can we flush 2020 away already?

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