Ryan Reynolds narrates (and trolls) Hugh Jackman’s new coffee commercial

Hugh Jackman has enlisted the help of noted frenemy Ryan Reynolds to narrate the latest commercial for his Laughing Man coffee brand, which chronicles a contentious day in the life of the Oscar-nominated actor.

Per Entertainment Weekly:

“This is Hugh Jackman: Noted humanitarian,” Reynolds says at the top of the clip over a shot of Jackman waking up and furiously tossing his alarm clock across the room. The commercial further unfolds via a series of contradictions, as Reynolds describes Jackman as a “goodwill ambassador” (cue Jackman cursing out his adorable dog and yelling at children playing on the street) and an “eternal optimist” (cut to Jackman staring furiously at a blank wall while death-metal music blares in the background).

But, as Reynolds notes, after a sip of Laughing Man, his peer transforms into “the Hugh Jackman we know and love,” like the man seen adorably cuddling his pooch near the end of the commercial.

Finally, Reynolds closes the ad by calling Laughing Man “the nicest f—-ing coffee on earth,” and he’s got a point: According to a press release, the brand “donates 100 percent of Hugh’s profits to fair trade farmers around the world,” so things aren’t all tense in the Jackman home.

There’s only one way this friendly rivalry between Reynolds and Jackman will end. A Deadpool/Wolverine Movie! What does Reynolds have to do to pry Jackman out of superhero retirement and into his claws again!?!

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