The Del Mar Scream Zone In San Diego Is Doing A Drive-Thru Experience This Halloween

San Diego’s favorite fright fest, the Scream Zone, is taking the scares to the streets in Drive-Thru Scream Zone: Road Kill, Oct. 1-31 at the Del Mar ‘Scaregrounds’.

The Scream Zone has been tempting terror-lovers for the past 23 years, but the 2020 event will take a whole new spin. To comply with COVID-19 health and safety protocols, guests will experience the frights from the dis-comfort of their own automobile. Vehicles will weave through a mile-long course transformed into scenes from classic horror films and the demented minds of the Scream Zone’s imaginative creators.

At the Drive-Thru Scream Zone: Road Kill, the only roadside assistance coming to your aid is a triple threat of zombies, serial killers, and killer clowns.

A “Conjuring” row filled with paranormal frights,

A “Dead End Truck Stop” with nightmarish locals.

The intersection of Horror Icon Way and Nightmare on Elm Street with Freddy, Jason, and Chucky,

A horrifying “Clown Alley” with Pennywise, Poltergeist, and more, and
A spine-tingling drive down Fury Road!

It might not be the traditional scares people are used to but it is a very unique experience during these very unique times.

For dates and tickets prices click on the link here.

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