First Look: The Indie/Fantasy Tearjerker “A Place With No Words”

Life and death are concepts many people try to deal with and fewer people understand. However, how do you explain such concepts to a child who’s understanding of the world has just begun to develop?

In the film, A Place With No Words, a father and son delve in a fantastical world of make believe to deal with tragedy and grief. Gravitas Ventures The Place of No Words was written and directed by Mark Webber (Scott Pilgrim vs. the World), who also stars in the film alongside his wife, actress Teresa Palmer (Warm Bodies), and their young son Bodhi Palmer in his first major role. Mixing fantasy and the real world, the movie is an exploration of grief and how the painful reality of death can be explained to young children.

Much like Where the Wild Things Are The Place of No Words is all about using the realm of fantasy (complete with magic and fairytale creatures) to help provide understanding for the things in our world that are beyond our comprehension. After all, it’s hard enough having to cope with loss—but when you’re trying to explain it to a three-year-old child who’s still learning how the world works, it can feel like an overwhelming task.

The Place of No Words is set to come out on video on demand October 23.

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