Vampirella Trades In Her Vampire Antics For…A Superhero Gig?

Vampirella has been known as many things over the years but superhero has never been one of them.

Per The Hollywood Reporter:

Vampirella — who debuted in 1969’s Vampirella No. 1, from Creepy publisher Warren Publishing — is returning in Vampirella: The Dark Powers by Dan Abnett (Aquaman, 2000 AD) and Paul Davidson, a series that places her in an unusual situation even for an alien vampire — as the member of a multi-dimensional team of superheroes, tasked with saving existence as we know it.

Covers for the first issue come from Jae Lee, Peach Momoko, and Junggeun Yoon, the latter two of which can be seen below.

Vampirella becomes a legit super heroine in Vampirella: The Dark Powers

Red Sonja, meanwhile, goes classic in the new series Red Sonja: Price of Blood, uniting two veteran creators for the character: Luke Leiberman (Red Sonja: Birth of the She-Devil, and president of Red Sonja LLC) and Walter Geovani, who’d previously worked on the book with writer Gail Simone. This time around, Sonja is facing a death sentence, with the series exploring just how she arrived at the gallows.

The classic feel is reflected in the choice of cover artists for the first issue, with Geovani, Michael Golden, Joseph Michael Linsner, and Arthur Sudyam providing artwork — with Sudyam’s offering in particular evoking classic Frank Frazetta fantasy paintings. Sudyam and Linsner’s covers are below.

Red Sonja is set to pay the ultimate price…

Both titles launch in December.

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