Downtown Disney Has Touching Mural Painted In Honor Of Chadwick Boseman

It’s still hard to contemplate that we lost a fantastic emerging actor in Chadwick Boseman this year. But Disney is doing their part to make sure we don’t forget the impact the Black Panther had on a generation with a touching mural. The mural that depicts Boseman crossing his arms as a Wakandan sign of respect to a child of color wearing a Black Panther mask is very moving.

The powerful artwork by Nikkolas Smith was unveiled Thursday in Downtown Disney outside Disneyland in Anaheim.

Nikkolas calls the mural his “King Chad” tribute and says … “It is a full circle moment for me: my final two projects as a Disney Imagineer last summer were working on the Children’s Hospital project and the Avengers Campus.”

The child in the mural appears to be wearing a hospital gown. As you know, Chadwick spent a lot of time visiting young cancer patients, even as he silently battled colon cancer.

Nikkolas adds, “To millions of kids, T’Challa was a legend larger than life, and there was no one more worthy to fill those shoes than Chadwick Boseman.”

Inspirational art from an inspirational artist

Since his death last month, Chadwick’s continued to inspire fans … especially kids who’ve been moved to create their own tributes to their hero, and this new mural captures that spirit.

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