Check Out Marilyn Manson’s New Music Video For “CHASE THE DEAD” Guest Starring Norman Reedus

Taken from the shock-rocker’s new album ‘We Are Chaos’, the video for the new single stars The Walking Dead actor Norman Reedus. Reedus is no stranger to music videos, the Walking Dead star also cameoed in Lady Gaga‘s Music Video for “Judas.”

In the blood-stained video, directed by Travis Shinn, the pair spend most of their time driving around the streets at night with a mysterious woman (played by Manson’s girlfriend Lindsay Usich) in the backseat.

Manson recently told Consequences of Sound the track is “a very driving song, but when it opens up in the chorus, it has very Berlin-era [David] Bowie elements.”

“It sort of has this postulating feeling of unease but romance at the same time. It sounds like the end of the world, in a way,” Manson continued. “That really was what I was trying to capture.”

We Are Chaos was released on Sept. 11 to positive reviews. It is Manson’s 11th studio album.

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