BREAKING NEWS: “The Batman” Is Jettisoned To 2022!

Well if you need anymore proof that 2020 is from the anus of Hell, Director Matt Reeves The Batman has been punted to 2022! Yes 20 F’n 22! Due to COVID-19 the remake of Dune was bounced to 2021 off its December date to accommodate Wonder Woman 1984 which at this point might join it in 2021.

The Matt Reeves directed DC reboot will now open on March 4, 2022 (not March 12 as some fanboy site tweeted today).

March 4, Warner Bros. had their big screen version of videogame Minecraft which is now undated. The Batman will compete against an untitled Paranormal Activity movie from Paramount.

Matrix 4 will now debut and move up to Wednesday Dec. 22, 2021 instead of April 1, 2022. That Christmas Eve weekend Matrix 4 will share the marquee with Illumination/Universal’s Sing 2 and Sony’s The Nightingale, both opening Wednesday, and Paramount’s Babylon on Friday.

Other DC feature release date changes, largely production related: Andy Muschietti’s The Flash will go on Nov. 4, 2022 instead of June 3, 2022, David Sandberg’s Shazam! 2 will open on June 2, 2023 in lieu of Nov. 4, 2022 while Black Adam will be temporarily undated off its Dec. 22, 2021 release date. That pic’s star Dwayne Johnson is currently shooting Netflix’s Red Notice in Atlanta, GA and production on Black Adam will begin early next year.

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