HipsterZOMBIEJoint Movie Review: Blood Vessel

Blood Vessel is one of those films that is so good in the first 2 thirds it’s a shame it fumbles the ball on the one yard line with a botched ending.

The film was directed by Justin Dix and written by Dix and Jordan Prosser. It stars Alyssa Sutherland, Robert Taylor, Nathan Phillips, Christopher Kirby, John Lloyd Fillingham, and Alex Cooke.The film premiered as a closing night film at 2019 FilmQuest in Provo, Utah, where it was nominated for eleven awards, winning for Best Art Department, Best Costume, and Best Supporting Actress for Sutherland.

The film follows a mixed team of American/British/Russian Lifeboat survivors who board a German boat that’s crawling with vampires during World War II.

The creature effects in the film are practical and impressive prosthetics. The vampires look old world and are more animalistic than humanoid. Placing the film on a German u-boat adds to the claustrophobia and builds nice tension throughout the film.

Having the film take place during World War 2 is a nice touch as well. The cast is diverse and likable even if a large portion of them are disposed of fairly quickly.

However with all that said, the film fails to deliver a satisfying ending. And they get demoted from a recommend to a pass with a very bad dad joke to end the film.

As stated, I really liked this film until the last 5 minutes. A poor ending can sink any film no matter how good it might have started off.

This film gets the dreaded headshot of disapproval from HipsterZOMBIEJoint Experience…

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