Check Out The New Japanese Ride That Perfectly Encapsulates 2020: Ziplining Right Into GODZILLA’s Mouth

The Nijigen No Mori theme park unveiled its Godzilla-themed extension which includes a ‘life-size’ Godzilla zipline ride for those daredevils who are ready to take a ride into the jaws of the legendary fictional monster, on Awaji Island on Thursday.

The realistic sculpture of the beloved Japanese fictional character is reportedly 20 metres (66 feet) high, 24 metres (82 feet) wide, and 54 metres ( 180 feet) long. Half of the giant body is placed underground, reportedly making the total height of the replica up to 120 metres. Visitors of the park were seen riding a zipline into the creature’s roaring jaws.

Fans could also take part in several Godzilla-themed activities, like completing a mission to not let the monster strike back. Chairman and CEO of Pasona Co Nambu Yasuyuki, the anime company in charge of the park expressed his hopes that “next year, after the coronavirus pandemic, I think it will be transformed into an international island.” Yasuyuki said that the park will welcome its visitors from across Japan after October 10th, as its original summer opening was delayed due to COVID-19 restrictions.

The sculpture of the giant radioactive captures his nightmarish redesign seen in the ultra popular “Shin Godzilla” film that was the first Japanese Godzilla to ditch the man-in-suit and go full CGI.

If ever there was a ride that encapsulates 2020, its ziplining right into the mouth of a giant Japanese monster.

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